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The majority of Washington County’s electricity is provided by We Energies, a Milwaukee-based provider whose service area includes parts of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

When relocating or expanding your business, reliable, cost-efficient electric service is a must-have asset. We Energies has won ReliabilityOne awards in six out of the last 10 years for the Midwest region, and even earned national recognition in 2003.

The peak electric demand in the summer was 6,505 MW in July of 2006 and the highest demand in the winter was 5,066 MW in December of 2004. To be able to meet the demands of its customers, We Energies has invested $7.8 billion into their infrastructure to increase their capacity by 50%. Currently, the company can provide a maximum of 7,692 MW.

We Energies supplies a significant amount of electricity to customers from power plants that it owns. We Energies supplements internally generated power supply with long-term power purchase agreements, including the Point Beach power purchase agreement that became effective upon the sale of the Point Beach Nuclear Plant (Point Beach) in September 2007, as well as through spot purchases in the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc.’s energy markets. We Energies operates the state’s largest wind generating facility and is completing the construction of yet an even larger wind project for 2012.

The company offers its commercial customers rate structures designed to meet their needs. The company also offers qualifying commercial customers with various energy efficiency incentives and programs designed to improve the bottom line and enhance competitiveness for the long-term.

For more information on electric service, please contact:

We Energies

Randy Jerome
Principal Account Manager
920-380-3459 (phone)
414-335-9162 (cell)
[email protected]


In addition to We Energies, Washington County also boasts of service provided by WPPI Energy’s membership in Hartford Electric and Slinger Utilities. These locally owned, not-for-profit electric utilities offer reliable, responsive service, affordable rates, and local control to help strengthen the economy and keep our communities strong. They’re also part of something bigger: through WPPI Energy, Hartford and Slinger have partnered with other like-minded communities around the Midwest to share resources and lower costs, providing excellent services and reliable, affordable power for the long-term.

Hartford Electric and Slinger Utilities offer competitive rates to serve your home or business. Because they are not-for-profit, these utilities offer affordable electric prices at cost-without a profit mark-up-for the benefit of community residents and businesses. These utilities also help control costs through their joint ownership of WPPI Energy. Hartford Electric, Slinger Utilities and the 49 other members of WPPI Energy have a strong portfolio of purchased power and owned generation resources using a variety of fossil-fuel and renewable resources. This strategic diversity helps ensure reliability and cost-effective operations in a variety of economic, legislative and regulatory environments. This approach helps ensure affordable rates for the long term.

WPPI Energy and our members stand ready to assist local businesses with assistance in the form of grants for energy efficiency projects, financial incentives and/or technical assistance. For businesses planning new facilities or expansions, we can provide helpful services such as:

  • Operating cost estimates and energy cost comparisons
  • Power quality services
  • New construction technical design assistance
  • Interruptible load credits and Market-based pricing options
  • Economic development rates
  • Local energy efficiency incentives
  • Partnership with the state-wide energy efficiency program Focus on Energy
  • Renewable energy programs
  • Technical training & educational outreach
  • Key Account program

Generating resources purchased or owned by WPPI Energy provide electricity to Hartford/Slinger. This electricity is transmitted (delivered) to these public power communities over a high voltage transmission system owned by American Transmission Company (ATC). WPPI Energy is a part owner of ATC.  Hartford and Slinger take delivery of electricity through three transmission interconnections with ATC. Three transmission interconnections are located within two substations (Dodge and Arthur Road). Dodge and Arthur Road provide backup to each other through the distribution system. The total 138 – 24.9 kV distribution power transformer capacity located in these substations is 160 MVA.

For more information on the electric service provided by WPPI, please contact:

Mike Gentry
Energy Service Representative
[email protected]
(608) 834.4572

For more information on utility and other services in Hartford and Slinger, please contact:

         Brian Rhodes                                                                            Jessi Balcom
         Hartford Director of Utilities                                                        Slinger Village Administrator
         (262) 670-3701                                                                                 (262) 644-5265
         [email protected]                                                      [email protected]

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