Businesses thrive on being able to ship and receive with ease, which is only possible when you have direct access to railways, major highways and an airport.

There are many ways to access markets thanks to:

  • Interstate 41 and US Highway 45, which are 4-lane, divided highways connecting Washington County to the Green Bay and Milwaukee markets.
  • Nine state highways that connect the county to the rest of the state
  • Two municipal airports (Hartford and West Bend Airport Map Here) that are open to the public as well as nearby General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee.
  • Water transportation access in the Port of Milwaukee 31 miles to the southeast (Foreign Trade Zone 41)
  • Rail access via Canadian National Railway and Wisconsin and Southern Railroad Company (See Rail Provider Map Here)

Click on our Location Center tool to the right to explore how our regularly upgraded and multi-modal transportation infrastructure can connect you to critical regional, state, national and international markets.

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