Project Profiles

Our team not only becomes vested in and passionately focused on your success; EDWC and our Washington County communities know how to get your deal done.

Companies choosing to grow in Washington County and the decision-makers within them express this confidence because EDWC has provided them with:

  1. Passionate Focus – An energetic and professional business partner vested in their success
  2. Critical Access – Select intelligence, funds and networks required to grow their business
  3. Game-Changing Results – A responsive advocate team packaging customized solutions and creative partnerships

But don’t just take our word for it, check out these sample project profiles to see this in action.

Company Project Type Date Profile Sheet
Lumber Sales Existing Business Expansion August 2016 pdf.pngLumber Sales Project Profile
Legendary Whitetails Existing Business Expansion March 2016 pdf.pngLegendary Project Profile
Machining Concepts New Business Attraction April 2015 pdf.pngMachining Concepts Project Profile
June Tailor, Inc. Existing Business Expansion November 2014 pdf.pngJune Tailor Project Profile
Regal Ware Worldwide Existing Business Development August 2014 pdf.pngRegal Ware Project Profile
MD Design New Business Attraction August 2014 pdf.pngMD Design Project Profile
Trans-Coil International New Business Attraction January 2014 pdf.pngTCI Project Profile
Kerry Inc. Existing Business Expansion December 2013 pdf.pngKerry Project Profile
GrandCare Start-Up Business Development May 2013 pdf.pngGrandCare Project Profile
Spaulding Clinical Research Start-Up Business Development April 2013 pdf.pngSpaulding Project Profile
Cambridge Major Laboratories Existing Business Expansion April 2013 pdf.pngCML Project Profile
Nova-Kem New Business Attraction September 2012 pdf.pngNova-Kem Project Profile
Signicast Existing Business Expansion September 2011 pdf.pngSignicast Project Profile
Wisconsin Stamping New Business Attraction May 2011 pdf.pngWisconsin Stamping Project Profile
Discount Ramps Existing Business Expansion September 2011 pdf.pngDiscount Ramps Project Profile
Bradley Corporation New Business Attraction April 2011 pdf.pngBradley Project Profile
Heartfelt Celebrations Start-Up Business Development October 2011 pdf.pngHeartfelt Celebrations Project Profile
Harrigan Solutions Existing Business Equipment Purchase August 2010 pdf.pngHarrigan Solutions Project Profile
Mahuta Tool Existing Business Equipment Purchase April 2010 pdf.pngMahuta Tool Project Profile



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