Green Tier

Sustainability is a very popular topic and it’s important that companies use sustainable practices to not only help the environment, but also their business. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources “Green Tier” program recognizes the importance of sustainability and also recognizes the businesses that do their part for the environment.

The mission of the Green Tier program is to create “credible, creative ways to enable your business to be a powerful, sustainable force for environmental good and enhance your productivity, cut your costs and strengthen the health of your culture and community”. Serigraph, Inc., a West Bend-based business, won the first “Green Masters” award in 2010 and has been a partner in the Green Tier program since 2006. Serigraph won this award because of their many actions toward creating a sustainable business, including:

  • Eliminating over 180 tons of VOCs from their emissions using a biofiltration system
  • Recycling 1.5 million pounds of plastic in 2006 alone
  • 75 of the 100 acres on Serigraph’s campus are kept natural
  • An improved reclamation process that reduced water consumption by 65%

For more information on the Green Tier program, please visit the Green Tier website.


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