Southeast Wisconsin Foreign-Trade Zone #41

In August of 2011, the Port of Milwaukee was designated as the grantee for Foreign-Trade Zone No. 41. The service area was expanded in 2012 to include all of Southeastern Wisconsin, including Washington County. This allows Washington County companies the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits a Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) has to offer.

MapofFTZ412Since the Port of Milwaukee took over as Grantee, the Southeastern Wisconsin Foreign-Trade Zone has been approved to operate under the new Alternative Site Framework (ASF), which has the benefit of a more streamline and efficient application process for interested Washington County companies. Before the ASF designation, approval could take between 6 to 12 months. With the ASF designation, that timetable for approval is reduced to around 30 days for Washington County businesses. This allows interested companies to begin zone activities much earlier than before.

EDWC hosted an informational session for County businesses on what being included in Foreign-Trade Zone #41’s ASF means for our corporate community. Here are some quick links to resources offered at the session, including the presentation itself:

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