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“Brownfield” is NOT a dirty word in our vocabulary.

We have carefully forged a multitude of partnerships with varied entities both public and private to creatively drive a one-of-a-kind initiative for transforming what appear to be challenging sites into the county’s next major economic development opportunity. Couple this with our unique capabilities to package projects in ways that get deals done, and you have an experienced partner for your next redevelopment project. Go ahead, check out our various brownfield redevelopment specific tools and resources by clicking the quick links below.

One of our brownfield sites may just be the successful expansion location or development project your competitors didn’t come any where close to thinking of!

Redevelopment Site Analysis Tool

This isn’t simply a database of sites. In 2016, Washington County retained the environmental engineering firm Stantec and Vandewalle and Associates to work with a coalition of communities and organizations to comb through hundreds of potential brownfields and generate a professionally prioritized inventory of redevelopment sites. We have curated this inventory into a very select set of brownfield sites both “ripe and ready” for your project.  Click on the link above, deploy the analysis tool and make your case.

Program Success Stories

Our communications strategy: results. The developers and end-users with whom we work tell the story of our brownfield site redevelopment program’s successes best.  We’ve assembled some project profiles for you to witness our approach in action. Click the link above to check them out.

Impact of Wisconsin’s Brownfields

Wisconsin has gained national attention for “consistently appearing at the forefront of brownfield redevelopment activity” (International Economic Development Council).  Click the link above to find out why. A landmark 2015 impact study conducted by UW-Whitewater’s Fiscal and Economic Research Center and the firm Redevelopment Economics tells the story.

Brownfield Redevelopment: Part of Our “Secret Sauce”

Like you, EDWC and its partners know how to forge deals in ways others later attempt to emulate…not shying away from the tough stuff to get it done. We have carved out a strategic niche by successfully leveraging unique expertise, select partnerships and creative funding strategies in ways that drive bottom-line success for both redevelopers and communities alike.  Our niche is your pathway to perhaps your most rewarding win yet.  Click on the link above to learn more about our efforts.

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