Wisconsin ranks 38th according to the Tax Foundation’s 2017 State Business Tax Climate Index. The index compare states across 5 areas of taxation. Wisconsin ranked 29th in corporate taxes, 7th in sales taxes, 40th in unemployment insurance taxes and ranked 26th  in property taxes. Neighboring states Minnesota 46th and Iowa 40th ranked significantly higher in corporate taxes, while Illinois ranked 29th. Wisconsin ranks higher for unemployment insurance taxes than neighboring states Illinois 29th and Michigan 12th.  The report also ranked Wisconsin 43rd in individual income taxes, however miscalculations by the U.S. Census Bureau may have Wisconsin ranked higher than actual: Tax Flub Article from Journal Sentinel

Note: A rank of 1 is best, 50 is worst.

State Tax Rates
State Corporate Tax: 7.9%*
State Personal Income Tax: 4.0% to 7.65%
State / County Sales Tax: 5.6%
Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Updated 2.15.2017
Property Tax Rates
Assessment Ratio Tax Roll Mill Rate
(per $1,000 EAV)
Nominal Tax Rate Effective Rate
City of West Bend .9196 19.23 0.01923 0.017683
City of Hartford .9534 17.61 0.01761 0.016789
Village of Germantown .9755 16.38 0.01638 0.015979
Village of Jackson
(NW Business Park)
 .9803 18.39 0.01839 0.018028
Village of Jackson
(Slinger District)
.9803 18.65 0.01865 0.018282
Village of Slinger 1.0071 15.78 0.01578 0.015892
Village of Richfield
(Endeavor Business Park)
.9793 13.11 0.01311 0.012839
Village of Richfield
(Beechwood Industrial)
.9793 12.76 0.01276 0.012496
Village of Kewaskum .9883 17.66 0.01766 0.017453
Village of Newburg 1.0609 16.99 0.01699 0.018025
Washington County Tax Rates for 2017, updated 1.19.2018.

Additional Details

Individual Income Tax

There are four tax brackets for both single and married taxpayers. The top rate for both is 7.65%, beginning at income levels of $240,190 and $320,250, respectively.

* Corporate Income Tax

Wisconsin’s corporate income tax system consists of a flat rate of 7.9%. That rate ranks 29th lowest among states levying a corporate income tax. Wisconsin offers a Manufacturing and Agriculture tax credit of 7.5%, which would result in a possible 0.4% corporate tax rate in 2016 and beyond.

The Tax Foundation. (2017). Updated 1.19.2018

Sales and Excise Tax

The Wisconsin sales and use tax are both 5% for consumers, which is below the national average of 5.85%.


  • Production fuel and electricity
  • Machines and specific processing equipment which are used by a manufacturer in manufacturing tangible personal property

For more information on Sales and Use Tax Exemptions, contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at (608)261-6261.

The Washington County sales tax rate is .5%, and the stadium tax rate is .1%. The total amount that consumers will be charged is 5.6% on purchases.

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