Renewable Energy / Power Systems

Sustainability isn’t only beneficial for the environment – businesses can also reap its benefits. In fact, the importance of sustainability has allowed renewable energy to become a new and emerging industry. In fact, one of our Washington County’s largest companies, Serigraph, has received recognition in Wisconsin’s Green Tier program.

The County’s strong tool and die industry is producing components that go into wind, solar and other power generation equipment and have supported the region’s success in attracting global renewable energy players like Ingeteam. Companies like Helgesen (Hartford), MGS / Tecstar (Germantown) and Matenaer (West Bend) are innovating and finding success within the renewable energy and power systems industries. Several of EDWC’s clients have received financing to support projects that involve growth within renewables and power generation.

The unique skills and experience of workers in Washington County are propelling forward this future-oriented sector as a growth industry for the county and region.

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