As one of the emerging industries in both Washington County and the State of Wisconsin, the bio-medical field has had an increasingly important impact on the area economy.

  • The number of businesses in Wisconsin’s bioscience industries increased by 19% between 2004 and 2009.
  • Bioscience employment in Wisconsin generates 23,919 private sector workers and resulted in up to 63,000 jobs through economic activity caused by bioscience.
  • Direct and indirect activity from Wisconsin’s bioscience sectors amount to $7 billion in generated income. This includes more than $614 million paid in taxes.
  • The biggest gains in Wisconsin’s bioscience industries come from the region comprised of seven counties that surround Milwaukee (including Washington County). Those counties, along with nearby Dane County, make up 77% of the biosciences jobs in the state.

Cambridge Major Labs (Germantown) and Spaulding Clinical (West Bend) are fast growing players in the field of drug development. With strategic alliances and markets around the globe, these companies have generated an emerging biomedical research and supply and value chain right here within Washington County.


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