Printing and Publishing

The printing and publishing industry has quickly become more and more technical, meaning ongoing workforce training is critical to ensuring Washington County companies can stay on top. With global leaders like Quad Graphics and Serigraph continuously innovating and forging new paths in the county, it is no wonder some of the best talent in the industry is present right here.

Washington County’s universities and colleges have responded to the industry need by offering educational programs directed toward printing and publishing. Those educational opportunities, coupled with a pool of available workers, has led to the printing and publishing industry cementing itself as one of the top industries in the county.

Median Hourly Wage – Printing and Publishing
Occupation Code Occupation Title Washington County Milwaukee MSA Wisconsin United States
51-5111 Prepress Technicians and Workers  $19.46 $19.32 $19.48 $17.91
51-5112 Printing Press Operators  $17.81 $17.51 $18.21 $16.61


QCEW Employees, Non-QCEW Employees & Self-employed / EMSI. (2014).

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