Food and Beverage/Agribusiness

Thanks to growth-oriented global companies such as Kerry Ingredients, Sysco Food Service, Northwestern Extract, Schreiber Foods and Gehl Foods, the food and beverage industry has a strong foothold in Washington County. In fact, many of these companies participated in a CEO forum in January 2011 that was aimed at implementing a food and beverage target industry analysis, which has been completed.

Industries such as oilseed and grain farming, cattle ranching and farming, and food manufacturing account for over 1,200 employees, which shows the large presence value-added agriculture has in Washington County and the expertise and commitment of its workforce to grow this industry.

This concentration of agribusiness in Washington County is also demonstrated in the fact that the food manufacturing, greenhouse, nursery, and floriculture production, cattle ranching and animal production all have location quotients greater than 1.8. A rating greater than 1.0 indicates that a region’s share of an industry is greater than the national share.

Median Hourly Wage – Food and Beverage/Agribusiness
Occupation Code Occupation Title Washington County Milwaukee MSA Wisconsin United States
51-3092 Food Batchmakers $15.58 $13.73 $14.23 $12.77
45-1011 First-Line Supervisors of Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Workers $29.18 $31.93 $24.46 $20.85
45-2092 Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop, Nursery, and Greenhouse $10.04 $10.96 $9.69 $8.97
QCEW Employees, Non-QCEW Employees & Self-employed / EMSI. (2014).

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