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 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2  West Bend Mutual Insurance, Prairie Center
Bill Eisner

Executive Roundtable: “Brand Disruption: Will Yours Survive?”

Transformation begins where your status quo ends. Disruption is the bridge that can create the leap from the conventions that surround your brand to the vision you have for its future.  But creating disruption is not for the timid. You need to ask yourself, “What has to die” and then be prepared for the dynamics that follow the death of certain corporate or individual conventions.  The ‘killing’ must be swift. If you’re going to do surgery, you wouldn’t use a butter knife. If you’re going to transform a brand, don’t accept the dull edge of compromise. Bill will show you how to use disruption to change course and create a more dynamic future.  As an advertising and brand development specialist, Bill has shared these techniques with Coca-Cola, Kohl’s, Harley-Davidson, 7-Eleven, David Copperfield, Adidas and many more.

Bill Eisner, Agency President, The Cult Branding Company
Sponsored by Germantown, Hartford and West Bend Chambers of Commerce

Stephen Hacker

Opening Keynote: “Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Playbook for Prosperity in a Changing World”

With fast-paced market changes and monumental shifts in the way products and services are delivered and consumed, there is enormous pressure on every company, community, government, and supply chain partner to stay relevant by continuously reinventing itself.  Business leaders from every sector must look for, and find, ways to compete with carefully monetized new offerings tailored to the unique needs of their customer.  Take a page from the playbook of best-in-class companies that innovate, transform, and thrive as disrupters, or risk your organization becoming the one disrupted.

Stephen Hacker, CEO & Founding Partner of Transformational Systems International
Sponsored by Pick Heaters

Kathy Henrich

Patrick Sazama

Morning Keynote: “THINK Disruption: How Intelligent Machines are Transforming Business by Making Humans Smarter”

In today’s growing web of interconnected devices, systems, and virtual agents, it’s no wonder that there is momentum for business to transform at the fastest pace in history.  Intelligent automation enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), provides companies with the means to radically (and not so radically) reinvent themselves, and alter the course of an entire industry.  These intelligent machines synthesize massive amounts of data, identify trends previously impossible to detect, master complex problem solving, and conclusively improve decision-making done by human beings.

Learn how “THINK Disruption” is influencing employees in the workforce today, and how to prepare people for the next revolution of work as decision making is influenced by artificial intelligence and smarter machines.

Kathy Henrich, Director of Partnerships, IBM
Patrick Sazama, Commercial Leader & Senior State Executive for Wisconsin, IBM
Special Guest Appearance by WATSON
Sponsored by Froedtert Health

Breakout Sessions  Talent-Related “HOW TO” Series
 Session 1
Angela Damiani

Jeremy Fojut

Workforce Disruption: “The Intersection of People & Place: Innovative Strategies for Talent & Community Engagement”

Everyone is looking for the newest, easiest ‘silver bullet’ for recruiting, retaining and developing top talent.  Companies of the future need a NEW, high-touch and holistic approach.  Recruiting through experience, empowering employees and breaking down silos to build a top-notch culture and destination workplace are your keys to building a quality and sustainable workforce for the present…and the future.  Put simply, Newaukee is changing the way people connect and is taking employers in the State of Wisconsin by storm!!

Angela Damiani, CEO & Co-Founder, NEWaukee
Jeremy Fojut, Chief Idea Officer & Co-Founder, NEWaukee

 Session 2
Michael HostadMichael Lovell

Workplace Disruption: “How to Put Tomorrow’s Brightest Innovation to Work in Your Organization Today”

What if your company had a direct channel to bring the brightest college students to your organization, and work alongside your team to solve the toughest business problem, innovate the next product line, or generate some new, crazy-cool opportunity that hasn’t hit the corporate radar screen yet?

Find out how 24 southeast Wisconsin colleges and universities have formed a bold collaboration with our local business community and the region’s entrepreneurs to intentionally disrupt the status quo, and make an extraordinary difference at local companies across the area.

Michael Hostad, Executive Director, Innovation in Milwaukee at Greater Milwaukee Committee
Michael Lovell, President, Marquette University

Breakout Sessions  Talent-Related “HOW TO” Series
Session 3
John Zorbini

Leadership Disruption: “How to Solve the Talent Engagement Epidemic & Embrace a New Leadership Paradigm”

With today’s phenomenal rate of change, leaders are more accountable than ever to take an active role in creating a work environment that contributes to high levels of employee engagement, and realize that it can’t be delegated to human resources or to consultants.

During this session you will discuss ways to manage an increasingly remote and virtual workforce, integrate multi-generational talent for better results, leverage social media and the increasingly blurred lines between our personal and professional selves, and witness emotional intelligence in-action to shape lasting employee engagement.

John Zorbini, Executive Consultant & Coach, University Professor, Stewart Leadership

Session 4

Business Disruption: “How to Grow Your Business in a Chronic Talent-Shortage Economy”

Human talent is the greatest asset for any organization, yet it also represents a significant variable risk.  Understanding the landscape of workforce availability, planning for variation in demand, and adapting to unexpected circumstances are key to remaining resilient and staying competitive at a time when qualified workers come at a premium.

Don’t miss this extraordinary session if you want to better understand how the world of work is changing, the forces that are shaping it, why candidates expect more today, and how to win in this uncertain environment.

Carol Ann Schneider, CPC, SPHR, Founder and CEO, SEEK Careers/Staffing

Mark Towery

Afternoon Keynote: “Adapt or Die:  Leveraging Market Intelligence to Navigate Change and Drive Sustainable Growth”

The key to dealing with an ever-changing competitive environment is to:  1) recognize and understand the challenge; 2) develop a strategy to address the new normal; and 3) be willing and able to change your business model to execute the new strategy.

Customer insights, competitive intelligence, and knowledge of economic drivers are ‘must have’ ingredients to navigate change and drive growth. At the same time, the essence of strategy is making choices about where to grow, how to compete, and about aligning resources to get the job done.  Great organizations are constant at their core, yet flexible enough to adapt to real-time changes in buyer preferences, subtle and disruptive market shifts, and conventional and non-conventional competitor moves.  Growth is all about finding the best product mix, best markets and locations, and best channels to connect with current, new, and even lost customers.

Mark Towery, Managing Director, GeoStrategy Partners

George Koonce
George Koonce

Grand Finale Keynote: “Beyond Disruption: Surviving the NFL and Finding a Life After Football”

From humble beginnings in New Bern, North Carolina, to the top of the pyramid in the National Football League, George Koonce never dreamed he would one day become a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. Growing up in what George described as a “socially and poor area of eastern North Carolina,” his only goal in those early years was to try to go to college.

Yet in the few short years after, George learned first-hand that being a member of a Super Bowl winning team didn’t provide for instant success off the field, and it led him down a path of life- threatening depression. In his darkest moments, there was a dangerous wake-up call… and a turning point for George to reinvent himself… To find a life after football.

George Koonce, Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XXXI Champion, Packers Hall of Fame, Senior Vice President for Advancement, Marian University
Sponsored by Delta Defense

Conference Celebration:
“Rockin’ Ultimate Tailgate Party”Tailgate Party


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