Business Ready WI Conference
November 2, 2017

Disrupt or Be Disrupted:
Playbook for Prosperity in a Changing World

The 2017 Annual Business Ready WI Conference is the premier conference in Southeast Wisconsin for executives and emerging leadership teams. This daylong conference on November 2, 2017, will feature expert speakers from top-tier companies including IBM, Transformational Systems International, Geo Strategy Partners and more. Attendees from across Washington County will learn how to stay relevant and prosperous in the face of disruptions from the people and companies who do it best. EDWC seeks to connect local leaders with one another in order to expand networks, empower leaders to solve common problems and grow local businesses.

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Why should you join us for the 2017 Annual Business Ready WI Conference?

You’re busy. We understand. Movers and shakers like you aren’t known for sitting around or taking time for themselves. So, why take November 2, 2017 to participate in a professional-learning and development conference with other leaders in Southeast Wisconsin? Here are five reasons why you can’t miss out on this opportunity:

Get content that helps your organization stay one step ahead.  Research shows that successful companies have a few key commonalities. What’s near the top of that list? The ability to be agile, fast-moving innovators who stay one step ahead of challenges.  Our guest speakers are experts on using disruptions to their advantage… instead of letting disruptions take advantage of them. Now, they want to share their insights with you.

Create real connections to expand your network. Everybody benefits from a good network. No matter how digitized our world becomes, nothing can replace a handshake and some good, old-fashioned facetime. Nobody understand the daily challenges you face as well as your peers, so use this as an opportunity to connect with local leaders from outside of your typical network.

Grow your business in the short- and long-term. The 2017 Annual Business Ready WI Conference is offering you a playbook of best-in-class companies that innovate, transform and thrive as disruptors. With speakers and breakout sessions designed to help you overcome both short- and long-term challenges your organization faces, you can’t afford to miss out. Take a look at our list of speakers.

Gain new perspectives.  What are the market challenges facing private-sector investors? What barriers are C-suite executives and board members trying to overcome? What do leaders in education and the public sector know about adapting to new technologies? Whether you’re a senior-level or emerging leader, in our increasingly connected world, your business is affected by decisions other leaders are making. The 2017 Annual Business Ready WI Conference gives you direct access to other leaders right here in your own community.

Develop your team. Get your colleagues, team or other leaders in your company to join you for the day. Use this experience to start the conversation internally with your organization about ways to change or adapt and begin disrupting.

Don’t wait! Mark your calendars, invite someone you know and then join us on November 2, 2017 at the West Bend Mutual Insurance Prairie Center, West Bend. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

 “I have 2 project opportunities and 6 new contacts already as a result of the Business Ready WI Conference.” 

– 2016 Conference Attendee

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