Site Redevelopment Project Tool

Our team regularly reviews properties from Washington County’s 2016 inventory of potential brownfield sites using a specially developed set of detailed criteria focused on advancing these redevelopment opportunities with as little risk as possible. EDWC selected these sites as ready for redevelopment because they exhibit the following:

  1. Listed and available
  2. Clear ownership
  3. Environmental due diligence completed
  4. Commitment of experienced public partners
  5. Public participation (incentives) understood and available

The result is a handful of “choice” redevelopment sites identified from across the county.

We showcase this list through a special “Brownfield” bar and icon in our location analysis tool. Click either of the “Redevelopment Sites” or “Redevelopment Buildings” links within the special “Brownfield” branded blue bar below to check out these unique development opportunities and build your case through various GIS-based reports you can export right into your team’s proposal.

Explore this tool and our brownfield initiative webpages to find your next project location…or call us today. We’ll be happy to give you a quick and confidential consultation.

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