Sourcing Information

Economic Development Washington County compiles its data from various sources to ensure businesses that are seeking to move to or expand in Washington County have the most accurate data available. Some of our data is pulled from sources that include but are not limited to:

Sourcing Standard

EDWC cites its sources using American Psychological Association (APA) style formatting. This is utilized on our web pages when the majority of the information is pulled from a website source. You may find the following example at the bottom of a web page or directly following the source material:

A Guide to Wisconsin’s Tax Increment Law. (2013). Retrieved March 21, 2014, from

You may also find that some of our materials have a direct quote from the company, organization or government’s website. A direct quote from a web source will be properly cited using the following example:

…(“A Guide to Wisconsin’s Tax Increment Law,” 2013).

Business Tools Sourcing

Check out the sourcing information for our Business Tools for your benefit:

Location Analysis

Business Intelligence

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