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Extraordinary Leadership in Action: Navigating Disruptive Change, Unprecedented Talent Shift, and the High-Stakes Race for Sustainable Growth


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Leverage Dynamic Market Forces and Economic Trends to Shape Your Business Future

Join Michael Jones, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at RiverFront Investments Group as he shares perspectives on business growth opportunities in the U.S. and abroad, and weighs-in on market influences driving oil prices, job creation and wages, consumer preferences, and the seemingly endless shifts in Energy, Health Care, Technology, and Financial Services to name a few.


Navigate Disruptive Change Around Us

Everyday there are more and more remarkable discoveries, inventions and technologies being developed. It can seem overwhelming to plan for every possible scenario; trying to decipher the impact each new innovation will have on our businesses, communities and our joint future.  Look deeper to understand the “why’s,” we see the unique and once in a lifetime opportunity hiding in emerging technologies and philosophies.  Join John McElligott as he gives us a crash course in these incredible possibilities, challenges us to harness the potential, and leave a legacy that will change the world by Embracing Disruption.

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Changing Models of Academic Leadership, Student Preparation, and Business Engagement

Located in the economic and cultural capital of Wisconsin, UW-Milwaukee opens doors to 21st century career connections and world-class learning opportunities for the most diverse population of students in Wisconsin.  Through unwavering commitment to excellence, powerful ideas, community and global engagement, extraordinary partnerships are formed.  Join Dr. Phillis King as she engages us to consider the forces of dynamic change that are transforming our expectations of academic leadership, student learning and preparation for the future, and the role of savvy business leaders looking to meet the needs of the 21st century workplace.

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Innovative Talent Management and Workforce Engagement Strategies that Drive Sustainable Growth

As the competition for top talent becomes more aggressive in today’s marketplace, the situation is only exacerbated by the largest and most significant shift in the U.S. workforce in a century.  According to the Conference Board’s CEO Challenge 2016, the ‘hot button issues’ and greatest concerns of CEO’s everywhere are (#1) Failure to attract and/or retain top talent, and (#2) Development of next-generation leaders.  Since many of the tried-and-true methods of the past just don’t cut-it anymore, join Terri Mayes as she brings the experience of working with thousands of businesses and talented professionals to this discussion on what leaders need to think about, and do differently, to meet this challenge head-on.

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Deliver Unparalled Business Results Through Team-Directed Continuous Improvement

Leaders look to differentiate their business capabilities and capture a greater share of growth by creating a relentless focus on identifying and eliminating the root cause of problems.   Continuous improvement efforts create better products and services at lower prices, and are laser focused on providing a great customer experience. Yet the benefits grow exponentially when the drive for excellence is mission-based, and led by organizational teams that represent a cross-section of talents and cultures.  Join Becky Bach as she shares her experience doing just that at some of the world’s largest companies, and most formidable brands.

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Navigate Unprecedented Change in Health Care Delivery, Patient Care and Regional Business Impact

Few topics these days draw more attention and interest than the transformation underway in Health Care across our country, and across Wisconsin.  New collaborations linking a variety of partners are working to reinvent the way patient care is delivered, improve health outcomes overall, and navigate new reimbursement approaches for health services.  Join Carrie Killoran in this important conversation on the new models of patient care, payment reimbursement systems, and the implications for consumers, companies, and communities in the Southeast Wisconsin region.


From the Battlefield to the Board Room: What Extraordinary Leaders in Action REALLY DO!

Extraordinary leadership doesn’t just happen.  Unmistakably, it is shown in the presence of a few truly profound areas of strength that distinguish an individual, and sets them uniquely and distinctly apart from others. Beyond strong technical skills and competencies, extraordinary leaders are known for exceptional integrity, decisiveness and optimism, and lead with a deep devotion to those they serve.  Join Bill Troy as he draws from his past career as Lieutenant General (three stars) in the Unites States Army, and as the CEO of a global organization today, to share the poignant stories of great leaders and leadership in action.


Grand Finale: How Leadership and Tenacity Built a Great Wisconsin Brand – LEINENKUGEL

The Leinenkugel story spans decades of disruption and change the likes of which included World Wars, Prohibition, The Industrial Age – Space Age – Information Age – Today’s Age…and what still lies ahead. DON’T MISS this exclusive conversation with Dick Leinenkugel whose 5th generation family tradition, and newest innovations, carry forward today.


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